Martin Ruegenberg — Graphic Designer and Digital Craftsman


I'm Martin — Graphic Designer and Digital Craftsman.


My work has been
exhibited/presented in:

Cannes Lions
Penn State University
Silicon Valley Product Group
TEDxEast (New York)
TEDxUoE (University of Edinburgh)
The World Bank
+ more


I currently work with some of the leading software applications in design:




Proudly born in La Paz, Bolivia and currently living in Rome, Italy. I approach both life and work with simplicity, love and creativity. To me, there is nothing more rewarding than seeing my clients happy with what I create for them.



Since 2014, I've been helping people and companies worldwide to communicate and share their ideas thru presentations, websites and apps. It may seem like centuries ago in internet years, but don't worry, I'm an old dog on top of all the new tricks. With my background in UI/UX, technology and marketing, I have a thorough understanding of what it takes to make your life and business better by design.

I feel so lucky to have the opportunity to learn and work with amazing speakers, bestselling authors, inspiring entrepreneurs and exceptional leaders like Chris Kresser, Philip Zimbardo, Shaa Wasmund, Robb Wolf, Mary-Louise Angoujard, Deri Llewellyn-Davies, Richard Tyler and many others.



Martin is my only go-to guy for presentations, he just gets me. I can send him ideas and concepts in real rough or sketchy drafts, and he just comes back with beautiful and slick proposals, representing the best part of me and what I want to communicate. Martin is behind the legendary TEDx talk which has now gleaned over 260.000 views and is responsible for the whole Strategy On A Page deck. He’s my secret weapon for visuals!
— DERI LLEWELLYN-DAVIES, The Strategy Man; Speaker and Author of 'Strategy on a Page'
You won’t find anyone better to work with if you need a professional and impactful presentation or design style. Martin gets what people want to achieve very quickly, and is able to translate bare-bones guidelines into something coherent and on brand. He’s absolutely lovely to work with, I’d recommend him without hesitation or reserve.
Martin is THE Ninja Warrior of all things design. He is quite simply, our ‘go to’ designer. Consistently creative, he works with us on every project to clearly understand what we need and how it fits with our brand. He then scurries off, makes some magic and delivers back outstanding work. Our brand image is of the utmost importance to us. We don’t hand it over for people to work with, without trust. Martin will get our design work every time.
— Richard Tyler, BTFI; Speaker and Author of 'Jolt'

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